High School Sports

The effect high school sports have on students


A high school football team huddle. Photo courtesy of SGB Media.

Erin Sweeney, Author

Playing competitive sports in high school can have many positive effects on student athlete’s character, work ethic in school, and their future careers. High school sports presents a competitive challenge on and off the field; student athletes typically practice every day while juggling homework for school at the same time. This challenge helps to build students’ characters and work ethics on and off the field.

Researchers at the Institute for the study of Youth Sports at Michigan State University report, “Kids who participate in organized sports do better in school, have better interpersonal skills, are more team oriented, and are generally healthier.” Studies have shown that high school students who participate in competitive sports are far less likely to drop out of school, and have shown that sports in high school are associated with consistently higher grades. Most high school sports require students to show up for school in order to play in practice and games, so students attendance becomes prudent. Also, in order for students to participate in the sport, schools require their grades to be above a certain grade point average. Thus, students are more invested in their learning and try harder to achieve good grades.

Competitive high school sports have also shown to improve health and wellness amongst students athletes. “High school sports promote physical health during arguably the most important time of a young person’s life. Multiple studies have been conducted on the physical benefits of high school sports, and not surprisingly, the results are largely positive,” wrote Michelle Crowley, a writer for The Friends Central School blog. High school is a time where many kids feel self-conscious about their bodies or looks, and sports instill confidence as well as get students in better shape. Also, building a foundation for fitness and wellness in high school is an important thing for the rest of students’ lives. Student athletes are less prone to do negative things to their bodies such as smoking and drinking, and they are more likely to try to stay in shape for the rest of their lives.

Emily Loomis, a freshman at Battlefield High Schools and a varsity field hockey player, says, “I think high school sports are an amazing thing for high school students to participate in. Schoolwork can be stressful, and students need a mental break. Also, when you’re on a team, you have multiple friends and teammates you meet and become close to.” As a high school student, kids have many responsibilities in regard to work for school, and sports can help with that. Sports are often a way for student athletes to let loose and be themselves. Being on a team can also form friendships between people that will last forever. Interacting with teammates every day teaches useful teamwork skills, and students learn to talk more and get along with others.

High school sports have impacted and continue to impact students’ lives during school years and beyond. Students retain many characteristics that aid them in their school life and future careers. Sports can also build lifelong friendships and improve general wellness. High school sports have had great effects in many students lives inside and outside of school.