Class of 2021 is almost done

Addressing the changes that are affecting the upcoming seniors


Photo courtesy of sveinnbirkir via Creative Commons

Vivian Lee, Author

Ever since March 13, nothing has been the same for the Battlefield community. What started as two weeks off from school, unfortunately turned into the cancellation of the rest of the school year. This plan was implemented to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and keep those who attend Battlefield safe. From then on, the whole world went into lockdown mode and began to quarantine in their own houses. As summer started to approach, questions about the upcoming school year began to be asked. Would students go in 50/50 or learn completely virtually? What would happen with SAT and AP exams? As these questions started to get answered, many Bobcats began to adjust their schedules and plans. Though these changes will affect all grades, the class of 2021 especially has a lot to think about and decide. 

When it was announced that students would not be allowed back to school, many were left shocked and confused at the news. From that point on, teachers tried to get in touch with their students to make sure they were keeping up with their courses. But for the class of 2021, they also had to think about their upcoming AP exams. Junior year is supposedly when students take the most AP classes, and the question still remained on how their exams would go. It was later announced that exams would be taken online through the College Board, and this year’s tests would be shortened due to the changes. Laila Prade, a Battlefield rising senior, says, “I studied for AP exams by attending the meetings my teachers provided, and I also studied with my friends over Facetime. The exams online were a little confusing at first but overall went well for me personally.” This year’s students were allowed to use their notes for the exams and later received their scores through the College Board.

On top of AP exams, students also had to figure out how they were going to take their SATs and ACTs. Since these tests are completed at other schools with a large group of students, all the scheduled exams were cancelled. Juniors who were signed up for the March, May, and June tests all received refunds and were left confused at when they would take their test. Juliana Mugga, another rising senior at BHS, includes, “While these precautions are necessary, it has definitely created some panic and confusion among my friends and I, as we continue to plan for our futures in college.” In regards to the several cancellations, colleges all over the country began to make it optional for applicants from the class of 2021 to submit their SAT and ACT scores. This decision was made to put students at ease that could not take the test, as it was something that was out of their control. Currently, many testing facilities for the August test have cancelled, but some continue to stay open for students. There are also exams taking place in the fall months that have yet to be postponed.

Regarding the following school year, many students were waiting for an announcement on whether they would be allowed to return or told to stay home. Would students come back in small numbers with face masks and social distancing rules? Or would students remain home and learn completely virtually from their teachers? Students, staff, and parents were all waiting for the news, anticipating how the 2020-2021 school year would go. It was then announced by PWCS that for the first quarter of the school year, students would learn virtually and not physically attend their schools. Dana Przybocki, a rising senior at Battlefield, says, “When I heard the first quarter was all online, as a senior I was a little disappointed. But ultimately I knew that it is the safest option considering our Covid-19 cases are only getting higher.” As this policy is only for the first quarter of the school year, students will just have to wait and see for further announcements.

Even though this is not exactly what the class of 2021 was expecting for their last year of high school, these precautions were made to keep everyone safe and help flatten the curve of the virus. It may not be ideal, but seniors can make the most out of this year by really focusing on themselves and figuring out what they want. For this upcoming school year, everybody should try to stay motivated and focused on their school work, responsibilities, and goals. In a matter of time, students will get used to this new way of living, and it will become second nature. Even though these feel like depressing times, everyone needs to move forward and have hope for the future!