A glimpse into recent Tik Tok trends

How viral videos are building up the app during this global pandemic


Photo courtesy of stayhipp.com/guides/a-guide-to-trends-on-tiktok/

Summaya Osmani, Author

As Tik Tok is currently the number one ranked entertainment app, it has kept many people busy during this pandemic. From creating fun videos with friends to bingeing them all day long, Tik Tok has made an impact not only on students at Battlefield but many people all around the world. Angela Kim, a rising sophomore who is an avid Tik Tok user, says, “Tik Tok has made a positive impact because it made me think more creatively, but a negative impact because I got addicted and it didn’t make me productive.” Her disposition shows how the enticing app can lead to both positive and negative impacts on someone’s mindset and lifestyle.

 New trends have been created as a result of Tik Tok creators uploading numerous amounts of content during quarantine. Social media Blogger, Dash Hudson, who studies social media trends, says, “These are the videos that are taking over your ‘For You’ page. To put it simply, we see trends falling in two main categories—music, and not music.” Although there are a countless amount of recent trends, there are a few that stand out the most, as they have made the greatest change to the app.

First and foremost, the music side of Tik Tok mainly consists of dance trends. When someone creates a dance and it gets popular, it draws a lot of attention to their account. This mainly happens once a popular influencer does a dance choreographed by a smaller account. One of the most known dances during quarantine was to the song “Savage”. A huge reason this dance became famous was because it was by Meghan Thee Stallion, who is very admired in the music industry.

Also, another popular dance was to the song “Crisis.” The artist, Jasiah, is recognized for his fast beat, which is challenging to dance to. However, it is impressive how many people are able to do it correctly. Despite many of the trendy dances being made up of the same moves, it takes a lot of time and energy to learn, produce, and even edit a Tik Tok.

On the other hand, the opposite side of Tik Tok consists of music but in a different way. It is mainly used as background music, and it does not have a dance to go along with it. For instance, one of the most popular trends was the “Heather” trend. Conan Gray, the singer, expressed how he wished he was Heather because the love of his life chose her over him. Therefore, the trend was used mainly by girls as they posted pictures of people that not only resemble Heather’s looks but her personality as well. Rising Sophomore Valentina Jimenez, another active Tik Tok user, says, “My favorite Tik Tok trend is the Heather one because I’m hoping I got to make some people’s days.” Overall, this trend became popular because many people uplifted and supported one another.

Lastly, another one of these trends that gained a lot of attention from creators was people explaining their rules as a parent. The way this trend worked was one would simply just share their opinion and view on how they would raise a child in the form of a list. Some people would even add a funny rule to start a conversation in the comment section. 

To conclude, Tik Tok might be just another app to some people but it is much more than that to the users.While it portrays the artistic side of the Internet like never before, it allows people to express their creativity from a different perspective.