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How celebrities glamorized Covid-19


Photo courtesy of wuestenigel via Creative Commons

The public can always rely on celebrities to flaunt their wealth and lavish lifestyles, but with the abrupt appearance of Covid-19, celebrities’ routines came to a crashing halt. Or did it? When the words “Quarantine” and “Social Distancing” were tossed around, there were no more late night parties at local clubs, no more eating out at expensive restaurants, and certainly no more Instagram posts showcasing all of these activities. Yet, celebrities still found a way to turn the pandemic towards their favor all while disregarding Covid restrictions. 

During the beginning of quarantine, when the availability of face masks was extremely low, some celebrities found a way to profit off of the situation. Kim Kardashian released her SKIMS masks at $8 per mask, while Travis Scott took a more extreme approach and released a merch related mask at $39. Both celebrities sold out of their products rather quickly with some customers complaining about shipping charges and delivery wait times. Many Americans lost their jobs or were put on temporarily unpaid leave, which left millions struggling to make ends meet. With highly priced masks and the lack of availability of them, many Americans were forced to buy overpriced masks the second they became available in desperation to protect themselves and others. 

Despite pleading with their fans to stay home, many celebrities broke quarantine to continue living their normal lifestyles. Kylie Jenner was spotted not only visiting her best friend’s house but was also caught attending a large party with other celebrities. Social media and popular Tik Tok influencers joined together to attend multiple parties, but instead of keeping it on the low, they posted numerous videos on their social media accounts. The videos not only captured the fun, chaotic energy of the night but also showcased how they were completely ignoring any form of social distancing by sharing drinks and food and dancing with their bodies together. These influencers were not the only ones spotted breaking the new social norm, many other celebrities have been seen attending parties and even flying to other countries for fun. It would appear as though the miserable social distancing and quarantine rules only apply to the common class. 

With these many celebs breaking self-isolation, it is only natural that some tested positive for Covid-19. However, instead of taking it as a consequence for failing to follow Covid guidelines, these celebrities found a way to recover in a more comfortable style. Whether intentionally or not, many of these celebs posted on social media pictures of them quarantining and recovering in their expensive mansions with their own personal medical team treating them. It can be said, though, that this is not what it looks like for everyone else. Hospitals are overfilled with Covid patients, doctors struggle to find proper medical equipment, and many patients do not make it out alive. 

Each day, the death toll rises and so does the number of cases. In a time when a celebrity’s influence is needed to do a positive thing, they have failed to aid the country into following Covid-19 guidelines. To them, wealth and fame have protected them from truly experiencing this pandemic. How can they see how many people are suffering and dying in overcrowded, understaffed hospitals from their million dollar, gated estates?