Welcoming freshmen into The Den


Vivian Lee, Author

While freshmen are navigating their way through their first year of high school, seniors are trying to make the most of their last. These upperclassmen were once 9th graders themselves, and understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed by the new environment and course load. Over their three years here at BHS, the 12th graders have collected experiences and knowledge that their underclassmen have yet to encounter. There are many things freshmen should know and expect from high school, and luckily the seniors at Battlefield are more than happy to share. 

As freshmen are getting the hang of their classes, it is a good idea for them to start building relationships with their teachers and classmates. This will help them understand their courses better and have people to turn to for help. They should also take advantage of all the academic opportunities that are given by teachers, like retakes and extra credit. It may not seem like it, but these really help improve grades in the end. Kanz Abdulla, a Battlefield senior advises, “One thing I would tell my freshman self is that freshmen year grades matter! Do not let yourself slip up because it will definitely affect your GPA.” It is never too early to start getting in the habit of completing work on time and keeping track of assignments, as freshmen will most certainly need these skills for future years.

High school provides so many opportunities to experience new things and meet amazing people. Since this school year has started virtually, it is definitely harder to go to events and see others, but hopefully this advice will still be able to help for the future. Reaching out to others and starting conversations is a great way to make new friends. Through classes, clubs, and sports, there are lots of chances to find new people who share the same interests. Theo Drescher is a senior at Battlefield and shares that “there is always a group that will accept you and be a great fit. A good place to start are electives or clubs.” Going out to the awesome events at Battlefield is also another way to meet new people and have fun. Even if some of the events this year are canceled, there are still other ways to build connections and memories for students.

Freshmen should expect a crazy four years, as there is going to be so much going on in and out of school for them. While they are going to have to balance a lot, they should try to not let the stress consume their lives. When they look back to their years in high school, they are not going to think about the stuff they worried about, but the moments that changed their lives. Senior Olivia Dann says, “My best advice is to not take things for granted in these 4 years. Before you know it, you will be graduating high school and you do not want to feel like you wasted time or missed out on anything.” High school is a very memorable time where students truly find themselves and learn to grow as a person. Even though there will be tough times ahead, things really do get better as time goes on. Everyone only gets to be in high school once, so freshmen, be sure to make it count!