Looking on the bright side

Someone reading a book, an activity many chose to take part in during quarantine 
Photo credit via Creative Commons

Someone reading a book, an activity many chose to take part in during quarantine Photo credit via Creative Commons

Throughout the course of quarantine, watching the news became an easy way to dampen one’s mood, and awful things seemed to occur left and right. However, amidst all of the terrible things to be happening this year in a seemingly disproportionate amount, there are gratifying aspects to be found, no matter how hard they are to pick out at times. Many people were able to create a positive spin on the national lockdown and have success all while staying safe. 

Quarantine promoted a lot of self-reflection and improvement. With life moving at an uncontrollably slower pace as a result of the pandemic, people were able to make time for activities, hobbies, and people they may not have otherwise. Kaeli Jarvis, eleventh grade student at Battlefield High School, expresses, “Personally, I was able to get closer to my younger brother.” With time spent around those in the same household being unavoidable, mediation on issues was possible and stronger bonds could have been formed as a result of quality time. 

In an article on the Daily Trojan by Montana Denton titled “Self-isolation or self-improvement? During quarantine, there is no choice”, the author says, “During a typical semester, it can be easy to push physical and mental well-being aside as students pursue a perfect GPA and enjoy social life.” Denton goes on to explain how this seemingly boring opportunity and increased free time is beneficial. People of all ages were able to put themselves first as opposed to accomplishing everyday responsibilities before prioritizing one’s own mental and/or physical well-being. 

Additionally, with a decrease in travel expenses, restaurant outings, and leisurely window-shopping habits, Americans are turning more to online stores to attain their necessities or entertainment and luxury items. “‘Book sales increase, games and puzzles, and we have seen health and beauty start to grow as well, especially when you look at it on a year- over-year basis. That is one I might keep an eye on, the self-improvement piece,’” says the Rakuten Intelligence senior vice president of marketing and public relations, Jamie Minney, in a quote via an article on CNBC.com centered on how people’s spending habits changed during quarantine. Workout regimens and diets were started, mentally stimulating exercises were completed, and other beneficial fads were attempted 

The negative things are easy to harp on and allow oneself to be brought down by. However, without being naïve and oblivious to one’s surroundings, there are ways to positively and productively control the circumstances.