Seniors’ second chance

How the Class of 2021 is still making the most out of their last year

A group of Battlefield seniors spending their homecoming weekend safely in D.C.

A group of Battlefield seniors spending their homecoming weekend safely in D.C.

Throughout their four-year journey, high schoolers count down the days till they reach their long-awaited senior year. It is their last moment to look back at their past and reminisce over their unforgettable memories and accomplishments. It is a time for them to have fun and enjoy their last year of high school before they say goodbyeBecause of the school’s closure due to COVID-19 this yearthe Class of 2021’s last year of high school is not looking like they thought it would. With school completely online and all the events they were looking forward to being canceled, saying that the seniors felt disappointed is an understatement. Of course, there are bigger things to worry about in the world, but it is completely justifiable for them to feel sad over something they were looking forward to for three years. Even though their last year of high school is not what they were expecting, the seniors of Battlefield are still making the most out of it and trying their best to look forwards. 

Senior year is a very important and memorable year that students look forward to for their whole high school journey. Unfortunately, because of the virus, seniors had to learn how to readjust to a new way of learning and miss out on the activities they were most looking forward to. This year they were not able to wear their togas, attend pep rallies, cheer on from The Den, dress up for homecoming, and get to feel comfortable as the oldest grade. Nicole Linder, a Senior at Battlefield High School shares, “What senior year means to me is everything that you have worked for has led up to this moment. This is the finale of an era of going to school with the people you have known all your life.” For a lot of seniors, this was the year they felt they could relax and not stress over things as they did in the past. To many, this year represented the end of their childhood as they would move on to the responsibilities of an adult. 

When the news struck that students would not be returning to Battlefield, there were many emotions that were felt. Seniors were crushed that they would not be able to spend their last year of high school in the building, but they learned to readjust their mindsets and plans. Olivia Barbuti, a Senior at BHS shares I understood why we had to close school and cancel everything. I was never really mad about everything closing because I knew that it was for the best.” Many accepted that they could not change what was happening and tried their best to not spend their time upset. Instead, keeping a positive mindset about the situation really helped students keep going with their year. Seniors also took this opportunity to work harder in their classes and figure out how to do new things on their own.  

Although this year did not go as they hoped, the seniors still did what they could to make their last year memorableBy spending time with their friends in a safe way, they were able to make up for lost times and canceled events. Liana Semaan, a Senior at Battlefield shares “I still talk with my friends all the time and we even eat “lunch” together over Zoom on school days.” Even the little things like talking with friends, baking, playing sports, and picking up new hobbies make the year a little bit more enjoyable. Even though the Coronavirus managed to take away the seniors’ last year of high school, theare continuously trying their best and working hard to still make this year count.