Post presidency

What the career of a retired president elect looks like

 Photo courtesy via Creative Commons

Photo courtesy via Creative Commons

The term limit for the President in the United States government, makes it so that a president has a limited career. After a president serves their time in office, there are certain privileges they get and expectations they must hold. Going from constantly being in the public eye to an ordinary citizen is a huge shift to navigate. 

As time moves on and there is turnovermore is learned about the position, not only what is needed during one’s presidency, but also what is required after the fact. “For most of U.S history, presidents have been given a pat on the back on their way out and that’s about it. That changed in 1958, when Congress passed the Former Presidents Act.” writes How Stuff Works. Presidents have been known to use their wealth and popularity to create charities after their time in office or participate in considerable amounts of volunteer work. 

On the financial side, after retirement, presidents receive a pension, as well as their significant others. A budget is also given to facilitate the transition of the previous president and the newly elected one. Additionally, former presidents may be hired for public speaking presentations that can generate a profit for them. Presidents are entitled to health care, during and after their term(s). Even, according to Reader’s DigestEarly into their presidency, U.S. commanders in chief are given the unsettling task of planning their own funeral.” Presidents are given a fund to foot the bill for their ceremony when they eventually pass, and the option to have a state funeral. 

Being the president of the United States is anything but an easy job. While in office, presidents may receive significant criticism and threats. Presidents are given protection through the secret service, that extends to their spouses and children, in order to ensure their safety. When visiting the District of Colombia, more commonly known as Washington, D.C., which is the nation’s capital and home to many critical government buildings, presidents are given a place to stay, not only out of courtesy, but for safety reasons as well. According to World Atlasformer presidents are not obliged to stay at the Presidential Townhouse but are often encouraged to do so because the house already has security protocols worked out. In fact, the basement of the house is designed especially for security detail. The Presidential Townhouse is a close distance to the White House, the home in which presidents reside while fulfilling their terms and duties. 

Running for office is not for the faint of heart and is not done ouof greed. United States presidents are held to the highest standard and are given benefits after they exhaust their time in office.