Our Minds Matter


Our Minds Matter is a suicide prevention movement and non-profit organization serving students across the United States. Formerly the Josh Anderson Foundation, the organization was named after a high school student who died by suicide. In June of 2020, the name officially changed to Our Minds Matter in order to align the brand with their mission Battlefield High School adopted the club in 2018, and Mrs. Bridges, the college and career counselor, is the club’s sponsor. A student-run organization, Our Minds Matter aims to make participants feel connected and at ease with one another. President Erin June and Vice President Katherine Ly have been the club’s leaders since the summer of 2020. In preparation for their positions, they attended leadership training seminars.

Our Minds Matter is a Battlefield club devoted to the well-being of its members. Members benefit from the club’s support, social skills development, social connectiveness, and promotion of positive coping skills. According to June and Ly, Our Minds Matter “offers a safe space for students to acknowledge their welfare and provide additional resources and methods to improve mental wellness.” Their purpose is to raise mental health awareness in order to create a safe and supportive atmosphere at Battlefield. They do not want students to be hesitant about joining because “one meeting may help break the barrier of the stigma surrounding mental health.” Both June and Ly encourage students to join the club and their mission.

June and Ly have accomplished a great amount in a short time with Our Minds Matter at Battlefield. Under their leadership, they have increased the number of participants since the year the club was adopted. Not only have they increased participation, but they have also created engaging and educational presentations that capture the attention of their members. June and Ly exemplify leadership while promoting mental health awareness.

Their overall goal for Our Minds Matter is to increase club participation after their leadership ends in 2022 with graduation. Despite the school year being virtual due to COVID, Ly states, “Once we can return to school, we hope to gain more members and create an impact on the mental wellness of the students at Battlefield.” Ly hopes that the club will continue to have leaders who are as passionate about mental health as they are.

Our Minds Matter is open to all Battlefield students. As June and Ly state, “We hope you will join us and be undaunted about discussing and valuing mental health. We all go through tough times and being with a group of students and staff that support you is far better than being alone.” Students may visit the Battlefield student activities home page or use the Battlefield Student resource course on the Canvas dashboard to learn more about how to participate. The club is hoping to see some new faces at upcoming Zoom meetings on April 19 and May 3.

Save the date for the Wellness Walk for Mental Health Awareness Month taking place on May 1. Post a picture on social media wearing green using the hashtags BobcatWellness, WeChooseWellness, and WellnessWorksWonders. Between April 26 and May 1, a spirit week leading up to the Wellness Walk will take place. Meditating Monday, Talk to Someone Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, Creativity Thursday, and Relaxation Friday are the daily themes for the week.