Red (Taylor’s Version)

Photo courtesy of Flicker via Creative Commons

Photo courtesy of Flicker via Creative Commons

Summaya Osmani, Deanna Dominguez, Writer

Taylor Swift has now released re-recordings of two of her previous albums, Fearless and Red. These albums topped the charts during their original release, and they continue to top the charts now. 

Why Swift is rerecording her albums is unknown by many, but the reason is simple: She wants to regain ownership. 

When she was 16, Swift signed with Big Machine Records, which made her unintentionally sign away her first six albums. Big Machine Records was eventually purchased by Scooter Braun, who sold the rights of her master recordings to Shamrock Firm. 

Currently, Swift does not own any of her music released before her 2019 album, Lover, and has started releasing these re-recordings in order to reclaim the rights and receive profit. She tweeted, “Red is about to be mine again, but it has always been ours. Now we begin again.” 

Beginning the week of November 11th, Swift had her fans on the edge of their seats every day, as she constantly released something new. Mackenzie Lou, a huge fan of Swift’s work, says, “I spent the day listening to her with my friends then I stayed up until midnight waiting for the album to come out.”  From The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to The Late-Night Show with Seth Meyers, and SNL, she gave inside scoops about her album and unforgettable performances. 

A few days before here album drop, she also announced the production of a short film for the 10-minute version of her song, All Too Well. Featuring Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink, this masterpiece portrayed the deeper meaning behind her song. Junior Omaira Hashimee, says, “The video did a really good job of making the audience feel uncomfortable, which was the point of the story.” As she stated, she is referring to the wide age gap of the couple in the film, a leading factor in their toxic relationship. 

On her official website, she launched a Red Collection of merchandise, available until November 17th. Products ranged from apparel and accessories to special props she used in her short film. Additionally, she recently added a “Red” version of the famous cardigan, which was a fan favorite from her Folklore album.  

The record was immediately a hit and resulted in her breaking multiple records. Red (TV) became the most streamed album in a day by a female artist. This was title was originally held by her previous album, “Folklore.” 

The new album consisted of 30 songs, 9 of which were never heard before, or as she called them, “From The Vault.” All 30 songs successfully made it into the Spotify Top 50. Swift became the most-streamed female in a day, with more than 122.9 million streams after release. 

Now that Red (TV) is out, everyone is wondering is, what is next? There are still 4 albums that need to be rerecorded: Taylor Swift, Speak Now, 1989, and Reputation. 

Swift is constantly dropping easter eggs and hints about her next move and has left fans guessing which album is coming next.