Boxes of Basics


Boxes of Basics is a local nonprofit organization started by Sarah Tyndall to help children in the foster care system receive gently used or new clothes. In 2018, Ms. Tyndall noticed a lack of attention to the conditions of foster children’s clothes when moving to a new home. After seeing a Facebook post about the issue, Ms. Tyndall decided to take action.

Following the initial Covid lockdown, Ms. Tyndall experienced a minor setback in volunteers and donations, and was hoping to be finally reopened mid-January 2021. “Our goal to be up and running mid-January was very realistic. We moved in on time, unpacked and began distributing boxes of clothing to local children in need.” she says.

Ms. Tyndall overcame her setback with low volunteer turnout as well. She explains how it has been beneficial to have a new location, and how volunteer participation and donations have gone up tremendously since moving.

Relocating to a larger and more efficient headquarters for Boxes of Basics was an essential part of growing the nonprofit and one of the most important steps to helping more kids. This year, Mrs. Tyndall has transferred to a larger location in downtown Manassas, Virginia, which she says has helped Boxes of Basics gain an influx of new volunteers.

“Our move to a new location has been wonderful. Our donations and volunteers have increased, and we have been able to help more children as a result” she states. Ms. Tyndall also adds that she welcomed so many new volunteers and groups volunteering last year, which is a direct result of the move from her basement to her new location.

“In 2021 we had over 110 volunteers walk through the front door to Boxes of Basics” she states, describing the influx of volunteers from 2020-2021. These volunteers helped many organizations, from schools to churches and other non-profits within Prince William County, giving children in need seasonally appropriate clothing.

On the Boxes of Basics website there are a multitude of volunteer opportunities that include sorting clothing and packing boxes, delivery driving, organizing a donation drive, and social media promotion. Each opportunity has its own specific tasks, and someone looking to volunteer can easily find their best fit.

This non-profit is heavily community based, receiving financial donations from local organizations such as Haymarket Baptist Church, Regency Women’s Club, along with many others. These donations greatly influence Boxes of Basics’ outreach in not only acquiring more clothing donations, but also in reaching more kids.

As of December 2020, Boxes of Basics was planning Little Trendsetters, an event where young kids put on a fashion show to raise money and promote the non-profit. Unfortunately, this event was postponed due to COVID, but Ms. Tyndall hopes to make it a reality in the near future as she expresses how she enjoys creative outlets.

2021 was a year full of growth and improvements for this non-profit with the acquisition of a new location, as well as an increase in volunteers and children helped.