The Beauty of Unity

A look at Battlefield’s unified basketball team and the players leading the team!

The Beauty of Unity

Battlefield has continued to be an inclusive place for all students and faculty and prides itself on that very principle. For many years now, the unified basketball team has been a bright spot for the Battlefield community. Its purpose is to integrate the special education department with other students to develop opportunities for all students to have a chance at their favorite sports! The team has been doing well this year and all the players are happy to be part of it.

Cass Parker-Price, a student and member of the team, said of the team, “I enjoy it and it was fun while the season lasted” The amazing approach that the team has taken to be an inclusive environment for everyone has had a true effect on the community as a whole. Kids are eager to play in, and cheer on the games and have gotten to form long-lasting friendships.

Delaney Sedgley, Ashlyn Hartman, Caitlin Mcclafferty, and Callie Curtis are just a few of the members that have been helping the team this season and love being part of the team! “We all just keep the game moving along and if there’s anyone who does need a little bit of extra help, we just make sure to run with them and just kind of walk them through the game” said Sedgley.

Caitlin Mcclafferty shared that her favorite part of the team is the people, “There are such sweet people and it’s so much fun to get to play and be a part of this team.”

Tony and Declan, two other members of the Unified Basketball team, shared what the team is like for them. “I like playing the basketball games…” said Tony, “Battlefield Bobcats!” chimed in Declan.

The team plays games against other unified teams in our county. Together the teams put on games that other students and faculty enjoy getting watch! Many people come out to cheer on the Bobcats and support the department’s work!

The community is overjoyed about the unified sports program and is excited to see everything else that the program does!

The team has created its own beautiful environment that people love being part of and seeing. The team, and those like it, have worked hard to break down negative stigmas against people with disabilities. The impact that the team has had on the relationships of people with disabilities and those without them alike, has been one that people will carry with them forever.