Battlefield Softball prepares to make new season a hit

Battlefield Softball prepares to make new season a hit

Kate Robertson, Author

There are many hard-working sports teams at Battlefield High School, including football, volleyball, and soccer. One sport that is overlooked is both the JV and Varsity softball teams.

The varsity team, coached by Mike Corbin, was very successful in 2021-2022. They were named Cedar Run District Champions, Region 6B Runners-up, and VA State Semi-Finalists. The team consists of 18 players. This includes the four senior captains: Rowan Coale, Allie Daniels, Trinity Gaither, and Kaleigh Hargis. All four were a part of the team last year as juniors.

Mo Delman, a freshman on Varsity, talks about her high hopes for the team, stating, “We have an amazing coaching staff and some really hard-working girls who are supportive and work well together”. She later goes on to say, “I never want to let my teammates down, sometimes I get intimidated by the upperclassmen, but overall everyone is super nice and fun.”

The season will run from March through May 2023, followed by States competitions at the end of the season if the team does well. Varsity catcher Addy Thomas stated, “We have practice six days a week, usually ending around 6:00 PM,” she continues, “As a catcher, I have to get there about thirty minutes early, so it’s a long practice.” Thomas mentions the learning experience, saying, “I love getting to learn even more from a group of more experienced girls.”

Many young athletes would agree that the team friendships are what keep them motivated. Josie Lusk, a junior on the team, states, “At the end of the day I know my teammates have my back.” Lusk goes on, saying, “My favorite part of being on the team is getting to be with my friends, especially the seniors who I won’t get to play with next year.”

With both teams practicing almost every day after school, a great season can be expected from these determined girls. The Varsity team defeated Centerville High School in their first game on Monday the 13th, soon to be followed by an away game against Colgan High School on the 17th. JV will play Colgan on the 17th at home, and Freedom on the 21st. For more information, visit