Make America bearded again

Beards at Battlefield


Shelby Cesario and Derek Viator

The month of November is known for many things, varying from Veterans day to Thanksgiving. A long standing tradition that men of all shapes and sizes participate in is a relatively unconventional celebration with role models to boot. No Shave November has been sweeping the nation with its plague of fluff, and capturing Battlefield High School in its storm. However, some decide to celebrate the holiday year- round. These are their stories.

Teachers with their bearded disguise come to school after spending their morning taming the beast. Mr. Cunningham wakes up and straightens his beard while Mr. Fair’s is “100% natural”. When they walk in they watch as students stare in awe. In his bi-weekly ritual, Mr. Fair shaves his beard to keep it from smelling and catching food.

Common fan of the beard senior Chris Ambrose  uses “beard oil to keep it soft, then beard balm, and all natural shampoo because it’s healthier for the beard hairs,” for his usual routine. Whatever the occasion is, beards have become part of the drill.

Beard inspiration is familiar around Battlefield. Cunningham looks towards Karl Marx as well as Walt Whitman as his super star, and takes it very seriously. Long, full beards from the 19th century are back in style and at full swing. It goes perfectly with a button down and slacks, while still giving an artistic taste. Faire looks toward his fellow colleagues when deciding how his beard should be styled. Cunningham is his biggest inspiration, and idol.  However, some students blindly follow their own path to great facial hair, such as Chris Ambrose. Which is elegantly styled to match his fun filled personality. Whoever their hero might be, they “shave” the day.

The stories behind the beard include hardships and “ruff” times but they have grown on people. Mr. Fair has often encountered such times, “The top lip grows and blocks food you eat.” This can obviously be a nuisance when trying to accomplish daily life. Faire also has problems with shaving, “I have a skin condition that makes ingrown hairs whenever I shave too often,” that being one of the main reasons Mr. Fair started growing a beard. Mr. Cunningham envies Karl Marx for his beard and when asked if he could relate any other way he “pleads the fifth,” maybe he does not want to share his bearded secrets. Senior Chris Ambrose does not struggle with his beard and enjoys the lusciousness that follows.

Whether you are a role model walking the hallways at Battlefield, or you have your own unique style, beards are gaining lee-way. They have become an everyday phenomenon, and have created a wave of fun. Beards stick to people and their memories like gel and will continue as long as the beard followers are not trimmed down. These are just a few of the many bearded folk who strut the halls of Battlefield High School.