Battlefield brothers make a tech breakthrough

“Solvely”-ing one problem at a time

photo courtesy via creative commons

Sean Lee, Author

Junior brothers Daniel and Robert Christopher of Battlefield High School, are co-founders of the new app “Solvely,” currently free on the App Store. It is an app that can answer fact based multiple choice questions, by taking a picture. Solvely was a project the brothers worked on during summer, and was released on September 10th, 2016 in the beta process. The brothers aimed on “building a project that was interesting and unique, something crazy that people would barely believe existed when they heard about it.”

Users of the app in the bobcat community had positive things to say about it. Junior Tyler Nelson uses the app, “to check my answers on homework after solving them myself first. I think the app was a great idea and will continue to improve with time.” Solvely is best used to solve history related problems, and Junior Zaki Abdulkadir has found the app to be great help to his learning in history. “Solvely is great to go over history problems, and I’ve found great use of it.”

The app is not currently available for Android devices, but Daniel Christopher says in a tweet in response to whether or not the app will be released to Androids, “We wanted to see how this would do in the market first. There is a good chance it will come.” However, Solvely is not to be used for cheating, and is not reliable for any repercussions for doing so. With a successful beta launch, the brothers hope to expand on improving the app for even simpler access and accuracy for the future.