Model United Nations


Gyu Ri Kim, Author

Model United Nations offers students an experience that not only impresses colleges, but also tailors skills that can be applied when pursuing a career in leadership, politics, or history. The club trains students in debate, leadership, research, and teamwork skills as they represent an assigned country and imitate United Nations delegate actions. “Delegates” are responsible for forming resolution papers with others to solve issues in representation of their country and not their own ideas, offering them the opportunity to research with a broader perspective and gain insight to views that may oppose their own.

Battlefield United Nations took on their first conference at McLean High School in October. Examples of committees available were the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (issues presented were political prisoners and LGBT rights), US Supreme Court (United States v. Nixon, Wooley v. Maynard), International Criminal Court (Coca-Cola’s Culpability for Obesity and Diabetes in Developing Nations, Russian Invasion of Crimea), and FBI-1990 (Case of the Gambino Family, Case of John Gotti). Delegates returned from the conference with excitement, all agreeing that it had been an unforgettable experience. They look forward to their next conference at Garfield High School, which will feature comimittees such as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and several Avatar-themed crisis committees.

The club, run by Secretary-Generals Laura Gonzalez and Paige Payne, meets every Wednesday in Trailer 3. Each meeting consists of either a mock conference or lessons of skills essential to becoming the best delegate possible. The club accepts members year-round, so take advantage of the memorable experience it offers and join today!