Upcoming charities and organizations of Battlefield

Upcoming charities and organizations of Battlefield

Clara Kardash, Author

The month of December brings many opportunities to come together and help people in need, as well as celebrate different cultures as a community. This month, Battlefield clubs will participate in charity organizations and holiday activities.

Pam Barrett is a freshman who is very involved in clubs at Battlefield. Some of the clubs she participates in include the Future Business Leaders of America club (FBLA) and Key Club. According to fbla-pbl.org “The Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda is an American career and technical student organization.”  FBLA collected canned food in November, to give to people in need for Thanksgiving. This is known as Operation Turkey, and is a county wide organization. This month, FBLA is selling nuts in order to fund for their competitions. Barrett says “I feel like I learn new things in FBLA that will help me after high school.”

Key Club is a nonprofit organization and is “the oldest and largest service program for high school students” according to the clubs website, www.keyclub.org.  This month the club is selling “holidays”, a small holiday themed plastic duck with a message for friends. Proceeds will go towards the Children’s Miracle Benefit. They will also be assisting the Salvation Army, working as angel tree monitors and bell ringers at the Potomac Mills Mall and the Manassas Mall. Finally, this December the club will be helping out at Gravely Elementary’s Holiday Extravaganza and Mountain View Elementary’s Holiday Night. When asked about Key Club, Barrett says “I help others which is a really good moral feeling. I get to meet people from different charities and such.” Barrett is looking forward to DCON, and event in which key clubbers meet in Baltimore and meet representatives from many areas.

Battlefield has year round organizations as well, such as UNICEF.  According the Battlefield High School website, this club raises awareness of mistreated and underprivileged children. There is also the Humane Society club, which helps the animals in the community through volunteer work and fundraising. This club recently collected supplies for animals in need.

This year Battlefield High School has and will continue to contribute to the community. For information on how to participate, visit the clubs and activities page at battlefieldhs.pwcs.edu.