Pilot translator headphones gives a glimpse into the future

Technology Helps People Understand Each Other


Photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Tomy Adebo, Author

In the past there has been many translators that help people from different parts of the world communicate with each other. Throughout years, communication between different languages has been difficult to attain expect for those  who had opportunities to learn many, but nevertheless language has always been a barrier and during most transactions between two countries or more there is need for a translator. The topic of communication with other languages has always been a very complicated topic as some people strive to know more than one language to be able to connect more with people of different heritage, but the main question is what if they have no means of learning a different language?

As the world keeps on growing, technology becomes more innovative and more creative. Technology tends to make lives easier as it invents shortcuts to everyday things and that also includes things that help our everyday lives,and the language barrier between the countries/cities of the world is seen as a rising need to technology, and therefore it has finally been able to attend to such needs. Although in previous years technology has in some way tried to find a much more easier way to break the barrier by using apps such as skype to translate other languages. Skype.com says “we are working on rolling out new languages and platforms—bringing the translation feature to more Skype apps and implementing an even wider selection of languages.”

But the reason technology has not stopped here, is because technology in a whole strives to make things better and easier for the everyday lives of people, but this new technological invention is like no other, it is very easy and accessible and is mostly easy to put inside of the ear. It is called the Pilot earphones, they are mostly similar to the new headphones that were produced by apple a few months ago as they are “wireless”. The earphones allows the ability to be able to converse with someone in a different language in real time without even noticing it. Uncrate.com describes it as “something out of a science-fiction movie-like star trek”. This pilot headphone only show a little part of how the future would be as technology keeps expanding and finding much more creative and innovative Ideas. These headphones do not only make the strong language barrier weaken but this invention also proves to be the first “smart earpiece” that can translate two different languages at a time The company behind the technology, Waverly Labs, says “This little wearable uses translation technology to allow two people to speak different languages but still clearly understand each other.” As many ideas are being created each day the world see technology as becoming very strong and helpful not only in the near future but also in the uncertain future. Other added benefits to the headphones is that they work offline; which further more add to the fact that they are guaranteed to make things easier among people who want to communicate with people that do not speak the same language as them. Insider.com “this phenomenal headphones are just showing a little bit of what the future might look like..a world with more communication.” This earpiece do not only show how technology is expanding but also shows the need that humankind has to freely communicate with each other.