NFL Playoffs

A look into the post season


Photo via Creative Commons from Flickr

Brandon Hoagland, Author

Week 17 of the NFL season is coming up, which means it will be the end of the season for many teams but the dream of earning the Lombardi trophy for 12 teams continue. As of right now only one team has locked their spot into the playoffs and that would be the Dallas Cowboys. They are sitting on top of the NFC with a 11-2 record, while on the AFC side, the New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs are all with 10 wins.

Wild Card spots as usual are very competitive and close in both conferences. Oakland and Denver currently have both the AFC wild card spots, but the Miami Dolphins are in the chase with an 8-5 record but just lost their quarterback Ryan Tannehill to a torn ACL against the Arizona Cardinals. Two divisional rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens are tied with a record of 7-5 but the Steelers have won more conference victories so as of right now they are in first place of the AFC North. The AFC west has a chance of having three teams in the playoffs this year with Denver and Oakland having both wild card spots and Kansas City holding the number two seed. Houston Currently is barely holding onto the AFC south spot as the Tennessee Titans are tied with them at 7-6 but Houston has a victory over the titans which gives them a lead as of right now.   

In the NFC, the New York Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have both wild card spots. There are still three teams currently in the hunt for a spot still; the Washington Redskins at 7-5-1, Minnesota Vikings at 7-6, and the Green Bay who also have a 7-6 record. Although Tampa has the wild card spot they currently have the same record as the Atlanta Falcons but beat them in week one. Detroit is currently two games ahead of Minnesota, and Green Bay and has also beat both teams before and has more divisional wins than all the teams in the NFC North. The NFC west looks to be locked up with Seattle the only team with a winning season in the division right now. The NFC East is looking to be very competitive this year three teams have a winning record right now and are in contention for a playoff spot. This years season is wrapping up to look like a tight race for several teams to make the playoffs which could lead to some very tense and exciting games going into week 17.