“Snowed” review

What would you do for a snow day?


Photo courtesy of Grace Klebine

Heather Trobridge , Author

When one heard the goofy trailers on the announcements during the week about Marleen, the luckiest girl in the entire universe, the play Snowed sounded like an intriguing and darling tale about a girl who was just really upset about a blizzard not canceling school. Starring Katie Adams, Grace Klebine, and Megan Curtis, as Marlene, Snowed offered something for everyone; comedy, heartbreak, suspense, and of course, drama.
The play starts off as a very relatable story of a girl named Marlene, who just wants school to be cancelled since she did not study for her physics test, a situation that many students could understand. When school is not cancelled, however, Marleen begins a downward spiral. She hires a lawyer, who convinces her to try to sue God because “someone has to pay” for the pain she felt. Throughout the play, cut scenes of the clock ticking and trash building up in the main character’s room made one believe that some time had passed. Gasps could be heard from the audience, myself included, when Marleen’s best friend informs her that she missed her graduation party; her college graduation.

Marlene had wasted her life trying to fight a snow day. As the play continues, Marlene’s life begins to fall apart as her aunt informs her of her mother’s death by broken heart, her former best friend’s death from cancer, and the shocking reality that you actually have to pay a lawyer. While she goes back to sleep, and the clock rewinds, Marleen prays for it all to be a bad dream, while the room begins to become clean. However, in one last twist, the nice bed with Marleen’s name painted onto it is revealed to be a tombstone. As the cast walks on and lays white roses onto her bed, the show closes. The trailers heard on the announcements in the morning certainly did not lead on that the play would be heartbreaking, dramatic, or quite frankly, full of death.
The completely student run production of the play Snowed featured a very talented set of actors. Each performer made great contributions to the story, and each show featuring a different actress as Marleen, gave the each performance a personal aspect. Key actresses like Megan Curtis and Alexx Frilles gave fantastic performances, grabbing the audience’s attention with compelling emotional delivery, while Lucca Marrero and Emma Toueau kept the audience laughing with every line. The set, while very simple, featured a grand clock, set up by Professor Drake, Nicholas Lechner, and Mr. Luban to aid in the process of showing how fast time flies by for Marleen. The play was all under the direction of Victoria Wolan.
All in all, while I did not know what to expect walking into the theater, as I left I found myself shook by the high quality of the acting and found that I genuinely enjoyed the story. It was easy to see the chemistry the actors had with one another, and the play moved smoothly because of it. The drama department, led by Mr. Noble, has more plays coming up this Spring including The Shivers on April 28th and 29th and The 2017 New Works Festival featuring four student written plays from Battlefield’s own creative writing program on May 5th, so make sure to go and check them out!