Off-season training

How a Battlefield student-athlete takes on off-season training


Photo via Creative Commons from Flickr

Student-athlete Brianna Honse, a junior at Battlefield shares her tips and tricks when it comes to dealing with off-season training. When asked how many hours Honse spends on training according to a weekly basis, she answers by saying, “I spend about twelve hours of the week staying active during off-season, and roughly sixteen hours during the season that way I have a balance and when I return back to one hundred percent, it is not as difficult.” Generally when participating in training, many athletes or participants face difficult roadblocks. Honse says, “When I do not have practice everyday and I feel as if I want to eat a lot, these would definitely have to be my main roadblocks. To overcome and fix them, I make an at home workout and put myself on a healthy low carb diet.”

Different athletes spend time doing different types of training as well. Some athletes focus on compound exercises like the bench press, pull ups, squats, and deadlifts. There are also different kind of athletes like Honse who choose to do different types of things for their off-season training. Honse informs us how she keeps active by saying, “I keep myself in shape by running every other day along with weightlifting, and cardio exercises on the days which I do not run.” To add, Honse also mentions, “I am doing track to help myself get in shape for soccer in the Spring season.” Off-season training should not be viewed as a constant struggle but seen more as a fun way to stay fit while you are not participating in your main sport, or just any sport in general. Honse thinks it is enjoyable and fun because it shows how dedicated someone is to the sport itself, along with having control over the way someone chooses to exercise can be pretty fun as well.

Off-season training is highly important to major athletes for many reasons. One reason being, it is what someone does in their own time to keep in shape as well as preparing for the upcoming seasons. That way, all athletes can hit the ground running. The best athletes are always the ones who put in the work, time, and commitment. Good luck to all student-athletes trying out for any upcoming sports.