Meet Frank; one of Battlefield’s best security personell


Photo by Kirsten DeZeeuw

Kirsten DeZeeuw, Author

Whether they know it or not, every student has seen him at some point during their high school career. Between the parking lot, the cafeteria, and the halls, he is a friendly face that works to help keep the students and staff safe at Battlefield.

As a member of the Assistant Security Staff, Frank Grzybowski has been keeping the school safe for as long as every current student can remember. His routine consists of keeping the peace in the parking lot, securing the school’s entrances and halls, and helping students and staff with various security related issues. But aside from his day to day routine at Battlefield, there is more to Frank than meets the eye.

Before becoming a member of the Bobcat Community, Frank worked as a police officer for 32 years. He says, “I was looking for something different that also involved law enforcement where you help out people… [my job now is] basically a simpler job, a continuation of being a police officer, but it’s a lot different because you’re handling kids [instead of] big crimes.”

Even though his time as a police officer enabled him to be a part of unique experiences, such as occasionally keeping the peace on a horse, he enjoys “intermingling with the kids and getting to know them, talking to them, and helping them out.”

Instead of working in shifts, like he would as a police officer, Frank is able to enjoy the time off that accompanies working on the school system. When he is off the clock and has free time at home, Frank enjoys spending his time in the great outdoors. His favorite thing to do outside of school is “working outside, I like gardening work, almost like a farmer I guess. I like growing things and relaxing at this point in my life.”

Even though weekends and summers off are a perk of working in the school system, people like Frank are ultimately working at schools because of their desire to make a positive impact in the lives of the students they encounter every day. Franks says “I would like kids to know that they don’t have to hesitate to approach me if I need to help them out with anything.” Even though Frank describes himself as being quiet, he is here at Battlefield to keep students and staff safe, keep school calm, and keep students on the path to success.