All about Inside Battlefield

The need-to-know’s about Battlefield’s broadcast news program


Photo courtesy of wikimedia commons via Creative Commons

Noelle Helmlinger, Author

The first regular television broadcast in the U.S. began in the 1940s. This show, started by CBS, was the first of many shows such as NBC, CNN, and more. Today, Battlefield students are following in these pioneers’ footsteps.

Every week, a group of students are hard at work editing, writing, and planning content for their news show, Inside Battlefield, or IB for short. These students use their talents to bring students information using their show. The club uses many pieces of equipment, such as cameras and green screens, to create Battlefield’s one of a kind news broadcast which includes interviews, voiceovers, and other segments.This team is lead by Ryan Keane, a senior at Battlefield and the creator of IB. The whole operation started as his project, and continues to be completely student run to this day.

Keane started Inside Battlefield at the beginning of his sophomore year, in 2014. With the help of Mr. Lazer and former principal Mrs. Etheridge-Conti, he created a program that brings intel from the fields and the offices to the classrooms’ televisions. According to Keane, he started the club because, “as an IT school, it makes sense for us to have this type of club. It also helps bring the school community together.” His favorite part of IB is when he gets to help other lesser known clubs get noticed. This year, he plans on keeping things the way they are, but he says he would love to hear ideas from new students.

Other members of Inside Battlefield enjoy the show, too. Meg Jackowski, a sophomore at Battlefield, does voice overs for the show. “I like seeing our hard work pay off,” says Jackowski. Another sophomore, Lexi Kamman, enjoys editing the episodes. “I joined because I was a low key nerd about editing,” she says. “I have since become a high key nerd.” Lexi’s favorite part is seeing what goes on behind the scenes of a news broadcast. “I love seeing how much work is put into each episode,” says Kamman.

The club is still working today, and is always open to new members! Anyone can be a star on Inside Battlefield.