Valentine’s Day preparations

Gift ideas for that special someone

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McKenna Baxter

Spring is a time of rebirth: birds return from migration, flowers begin to bloom, and small animals come out of hibernation. The sun shines bright in the sky, and little butterflies and bumblebees come out in search of flowers. February falls in the time period between the end of winter and the start of spring, and in the middle of February itself is the day where love is rekindled, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is about spending time with your loved one and cherishing what you have together. The holiday does not necessarily require that you give your significant other fancy flower bouquets and expensive chocolates, but even the simplest of Valentine’s Day gifts can warm the heart of your loved one. 

It is usually best to start planning ahead on what to get a significant other so you do not find yourself scrambling to find a gift the day before Valentine’s Day. For people who enjoy spontaneity, try showing up to their homeroom with a few of their favorite candies. Such people can also be given small items like bookmarks, hair clips, and even stuffed animals. Everyday items can become the most cherished gifts, especially if a lot of thought was put into them by a lover. suggests making a book about all the things an individual loves about their significant other and why they are cherished. For instance, it could mention how hardworking and dedicated the person is, or how benevolent and charitable they are. It is not only very flattering, but healthy for the relationship, as it allows the person giving the gift to focus on the things they love about their sweetheart and not their flaws and imperfections.

Homemade Valentine’s Day gifts are also a good way to show that you care for someone. Gifts that are homemade generally take a bit of time to make, and it shows that the gift truly came from the heart. suggests a variety of sweet treets like cupcakes, pie inspired Pop Tarts, and even pink pancakes. The site also suggests items such as hand-knitted throw blankets, coffee mugs, and even a self-made book of memories to reflect on all the wonderful memories you and your loved one have shared.

One of the most appreciated gifts is not actually tangible. The present of presence is often given, evident by the restaurants packed with couples and movie theaters filled to the brim with lovers looking to spend time together on Valentine’s Day. Whether it be a three-course meal at the nicest restaurant in town or even just a simple night at the local arcade, spending time with a significant other is fondly reminisced upon.     

All people are different in some way, and enjoy and dislike different things. One person might want to go to the movies, but their partner might want to just stay at home and have game night with their loved one. Some people may not want to do anything for Valentine’s Day at all. “Obviously, how you feel about Valentine’s Day coming up and what you should do to prepare for it depend on your romantic  “status” this year,” says John Sharp, M.D., from

Junior, Alan Molloy says, “I would give them something handmade, such as a wooden jewelry box. I would spend the day out, like at the movies, the park, ice skating, but not at home.”

Kael Olds, 10th grader, has ideas similar to those of Molloy. “I would probably get flowers and chocolate and do whatever my significant other wanted to do,” says Olds.

Freshman Carley Parsons believes her choices of Valentine’s Day activity would depend on what her significant other is interested in. “I’d either stay home and hang out with them or go somewhere to eat,” Parsons declares. As previously stated, people usually like and dislike different things than their partners, though Valentine’s Day is the time to appreciate their differences and similarities alike by spending some quality time together.