Heart disease awareness

Going red for women every where


Photo by commons.wikimedia.org via creative commons

National Wear Red Day takes place on the first Friday of February every year, this year on February 3. According to the official website, goredforwomen.org, this holiday is for Heart Disease Awareness. The American Heart Association asks everyone to wear red and donate to Go Red For Women. According to the website, Go Red For Women “encourages awareness of the issue of women and heart disease, and also action to save more lives.” It focuses on women working together to understand heart disease and the importance of one’s risk. Here are some things to remember during the holiday this February.

80 percent of cardiac and stroke events may be prevented with education and action according to goredforwomen.org. Many women dismiss heart disease as something only older men deal with, but this is far from true. In fact, according to cathlabdigest.com, 55% of women do not  realize the danger of heart disease, and how many people it kills. By supporting organizations such as Go Red For Women, one can not only raise awareness but also save lives. With support over the last 10 years, the American Heart Association has saved 627,000 women from disease and educated many more about the risk. With help from supporters the organization is helping people win battles and take back their lives.

Real women are used to represent the charity.

Each year, a class of “real women” are selected to represent the organization. They have lived through heart issues and are now dedicating their lives to spreading awareness to women everywhere. Sarah Porter is a 25 year old women who survived two strokes and is now part of the 2016-2017 class of Real Women. She says, “Stroke can happen at any age, even if you are young, healthy and active,” said Porter, who turned 25 in 2016 and lives in Portland, Maine. “I remember feeling embarrassed and that I was somehow defective. I want to inspire young people and let them know they aren’t alone” (goredforwomen.com). Porter is one out of the eleven women in the 2016-2017 class.


Finally, many people do not realize, but Heart Disease is an issue everywhere. Pam Barrett is a student at Battlefield and has a mother who suffers with heart issues. “My Mom has a form of heart disease… she was a police officer in New York City but she had to retire because of how much pressure was put on her heart. It can be hard but she works through it, which is awesome because I know how hard it can be on her body.” Barrett donates and participates in raising awareness for heart disease and her mom motivates her constantly.     


Coming this February,  everyone should think about donating to help save lives. Although many do not consider it, heart disease is a major problem today. Go Red for Women is working on solving this, but could use help. For more information visit goredforwomen.com.