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A koala sits amid the fires

Fighting for Australia

January 27, 2020

Over 100 wildfires have devastated the Australian territories of Queensland and New South Wales this year; fires that began in September continued to burn into the new year, turning hundreds of miles of...

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Organizations contributing to the preservation of elephants

January 24, 2017

Organizations around the world are supporting the cause of elephant preservation. For as long as ivory has been desired elephants have been poached due to the ivory found in their tusks. est...

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The greatest elephants on earth

November 28, 2016

In 1884 five rambunctious brothers, Albert, August, Otto, Alfred T., Charles, John and Henry Ringling North started one of the world’s most famous circuses, the Ringling Bros. In 1919 the Bros. combined forces with ...

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Turtle season on Anna Maria Island

November 28, 2016

Just south of the Tampa Bay on the West Coast of Florida, Anna Maria Island sits in a lively ecosystem of marine life ranging from stingrays to sharks on a daily basis. The island is home to a variety...

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