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Image courtesy Pixabay via creative commons. Football players on the field.


December 18, 2018

Kids as young as pre-teens are specializing in one sport, because parents and kids are worried about falling behind and not being able to play at the next level. They want their kids to excel at one spor...

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons via Pixebay

Battlefield’s Spring sports programs

February 17, 2017

At Battlefield High School many athletic teams are preparing for the new spring season. In the spring, the school hosts a baseball, lacrosse, outdoor track, soccer, softball, and tennis team. In the spring,...

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Professional talent with amateur pay

February 17, 2017

Whether they are picked first or are a post-draft signee, a first-year player can expect to make barely over $1,000 per month. From perspective, the national average for a fast food worker is $16,500. ...

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