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The New Netflix logo. Photo courtesy to Windows Report via Creative Commons.

Netflix’s losses

February 22, 2019

Netflix is a worldwide application that streams movies and TV shows for those who subscribe. Subscribers pay a monthly fee and can either choose the basic plan which costs $6.99, the standard plan which ...

Revamping the classics

Revamping the classics

February 16, 2019

Over the past few months, there have been a multitude of announcements from Disney that have shaken up the internet. Disney films that were originally cartoons are now being made with actual actors. The pu...

The Disney Princess lineup at Merida's coronation, including disputed character Mulan. Photo courtesy of Flickr via Creative Commons.

Is Mulan a Disney princess?

February 6, 2019

As the new year springs into action, controversy also arises, one of which being whether or not Mulan is considered a Disney princess. According to Disney, Mulan is apart of the princess franchise, although never being born in...

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Creative Commons

Disney movie mysteries

April 4, 2018

Disney is known for their classic movies and even their newest released ones. The evolution of these movies started from animated films to live action films as well. Since 1937 when Walt Disney Studios r...

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