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A banned food on the keto diet.
Photo courtesy of Camille Owen

The truth about keto

February 10, 2020

The ketogenic diet, more commonly known as the keto diet, is becoming very popular among people trying to lose weight. The diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet that drastically reduces carbohydrate intake and...

A selection of possible foods you can order.
Photo courtesy of Flickr via creative commons

Delivering happiness

February 26, 2019

Life in America can get very hectic at times. Some people are so busy, that they do not have the time to wait in lines at restaurants, nor do they have the time to drive down to a fast food place. Many...

Photo courtesy of Hill Air Force Base via Creative Commons

Local food drives gear up for Thanksgiving

October 31, 2017

Every year in the month of November comes a special day where family and friends gather around to eat a feast, Thanksgiving. People prepare by cooking a lot of food like stuffing, mashed potatoes, turk...

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