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Instagram and body image

February 21, 2020

Instagram is growing rapidly in users as everyone is able to reach millions through picture and video posting. While scrolling on the app, it is common to see celebrities and models use their large plat...

Demetirus Harmon modeling his limited edition pink hoodie for breast cancer awareness month

You Matter

January 28, 2019

Most of the aspiring comedians out there only focus on making people laugh. Yet, there are a few exceptions. Demetrius Harmon, also known by his tag of ‘MeechOnMars’, is a wildly popular comedian kn...

Flu shots are crucial this time of year and it is important for every person to get vaccinated. Photo courtesy of Laughlin Air Force Base via Creative Commons.

Flu shots at school

December 18, 2018

Last year’s flu season was very drastic and has led to schools around the country making progress to fight the virus before it spirals out of control. Keeping children as healthy as possible in every...

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Health issues in the U.S. growing during the holidays

October 31, 2017

No one can deny the extreme urge for junk food during the holidays, but it may be causing more issues than just some skin breakouts. According to Daily Mail, Americans consume more than 7000 calories on Christmas day alone, which is 4400 more than the average 2600 they should normally eat. This can lead to massive w...

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