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Crystal Dang working on her online classes that are a part of the Hybrid program

Photo Courtesy of Crystal Dang

Invited to take Hybrid

February 27, 2020

  Originally, when students took one online class throughout the school year, they would have to pay over $200. The Hybrid program on the other hand, allows students to take two of the online class...

“Baby Yoda” from episode 8 of  The Mandalorian. Photo courtesy of

Baby Yoda: Internet takeover

January 27, 2020

Recently, the people of the internet have become obsessed with one of Hollywood’s smallest creatures: “The Child” from Disney +’s The Mandalorian, or better known as “Baby Yoda.” Ever since the...

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Creative Commons

Where cyberbullying meets freedom of speech

April 28, 2019

In the age of social media, a fine line has formed between freedom of speech and cyberbullying. There are laws regarding the consequences of cyberbullying throughout the states; however, there is a lot...

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