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Netflix Originals

March 5, 2019

Over the past few years, Netflix has become a more significant player in the movie industry by producing original movies and TV shows. In November 2012, Netflix announced that it would be making its...

The New Netflix logo. Photo courtesy to Windows Report via Creative Commons.

Netflix’s losses

February 22, 2019

Netflix is a worldwide application that streams movies and TV shows for those who subscribe. Subscribers pay a monthly fee and can either choose the basic plan which costs $6.99, the standard plan which ...

Battlefield’s swim team participating in the popular Bird Box meme before their meet against Patriot.
Photo by Ashley Donohoe

The meaning behind the memes

February 4, 2019

During Christmas break, thousands of high school students have the privilege of no longer spending six hours a day at school and are suddenly handed loads of new free time. One activity that eats up teena...

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Will Bandersnatch snatch your attention?

January 30, 2019

Recently, Netflix has come out with a revolutionary new movie, Bandersnatch. It is different from many other shows and movies on the platform. Bandersnatch’s uniqueness comes from the ability for view...

Battlefield student poses with a computer streaming Bird Box on Netflix

Bird Box: Netflix’s new release

January 30, 2019

Netflix is known to have many popular TV shows, movies, and Netflix Originals. On December 13, 2018, Netflix released the movie Bird Box, which rapidly became popular. Within the first week, over 45 million...

American Vandal logo for season two.

American Vandal returns

October 9, 2018

On September 15, 2017, Netflix’s controversial original series, American Vandal, made its premiere. The show is designed to be a fictional investigative documentary filmed by two high school students, S...

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A guide to all the new Netflix originals shows and movies coming out in December

November 28, 2016

When winter comes around, there is nothing people want more than to stay cozy inside and binge watch all their favorite shows. This December, Netflix is adding more original shows and movies. “Compared t...

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