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Meet the Board Game Club

February 28, 2017

A lone saboteur works against a team of ambitious miners, trying to thwart their efforts to get the gold at the end of the long, winding caves. A trio of adventurers delve into a forgotten tomb, each loo...

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2016 Recap

January 18, 2017

The year is over. 2016 brought many horrors, including what is often called, “the worst election ever”, the deaths of over 100 celebrities, and multiple shootings. It would be pretty difficult to fi...

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All about Inside Battlefield

January 3, 2017

The first regular television broadcast in the U.S. began in the 1940s. This show, started by CBS, was the first of many shows such as NBC, CNN, and more. Today, Battlefield students are following in these...

A growing sense of entitlement

A growing sense of entitlement

November 3, 2016

     A family of four sits around a glowing Christmas tree. The children are opening their last few gifts, adding them to the mountain of presents behind them. Upon tearing off the wrapping paper on the l...

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