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The Denver Broncos celebrate their Super Bowl 50 win

What Follows A Ring

February 7, 2017

Following long, championship winning seasons, many athletes are going to choose to celebrate the ending of their season in a variety of ways. Some may celebrate, but the majority of the most successful...

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Putting money in the right place

January 3, 2017

Christmas and the time of gift-giving is finally coming to a close. Along with presents from family members, many kids often find their stockings and wallets full of a little extra cash following the holida...

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Conquering the SAT

November 26, 2016

Whether students like it or not, the SAT is a huge part in determining where a student will attend college. Many students see putting their number two pencil to their scantron of the SAT in their near-silent...

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Surviving winter driving incidents

November 3, 2016

While fall months are generally plentiful with positive things, there are always a few things that can ruin just about anybody’s day. To pretty much anybody that is not a hunter, deer is often an unwa...

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